Tried and tested: Ashton & Parson's new tooth gel #ad

Ignition is never a fun time, for us as parents, as well as for our young children of course.

Firstly, there are some signs of signs you may notice that will tell you that dental care is about to enter your house. In our case, 10-month-old Eli gums have been quite red and clearly caused him any disturbance. He has been more dribbly than normal and also tends to take everything to his mouth and tries to find some kind of relief easily. Besides these symptoms, he is also more irritable than normal and does not sleep well.

When we were looking for a solution, we found Ashton & Parson's teeth, which you take on Amazon and on the high street for £ 4.99, and frankly, it has become a revelation. It is sugar and lactose free and contains aloe vera.

For us, the real gambler has been the built-in massage brush. So you give the tube a clamp and the gel comes out so you can apply it to the gum with one hand, but more importantly you get the gel to the areas that cause problems.

As a parent we do what we need to help our children when they are worried or unpleasant and to be able to rely on a trusted brand like Ashton & Parsons has been a great sense of relief.

This gel is a real blessing. It has worked wonders, made it possible for Eli to get through painful moments and helped him sleep. I couldn't recommend this enough and will certainly buy it again when it expires.

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Ashton & Parsons.

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