Tristan Thompson Net Worth – How much money makes Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend

If you care about things like being faithful, chances are that Tristan Thompson, the man who thought it a good idea to cheat on Khloé Kardashian in his third trimester, is not your favorite. Tristan has been dominant headlines thanks to the ongoing little engine that can supreme cheating, but do not forget that what he is actually known to be an extremely skilled basketball player. And he has made a lot of money as a result.

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That's right, it turns out that your BFF Tristan is rich. Like, not necessarily Kylie Jenner Lip Kit rich, but definitely Macaulay Culkin in Richie Rich Rich. So, how much money does Tristan have, exactly? So much! Let's break it down.

As expected, Tristan makes most of its money thanks to Basketball

Get ready to make your eyeballs become a dollar sign, because Tristan has reportedly earned $ 15 million for the Cleveland Cavaliers season 2016-2017. When was the last time you earned $ 15 million for one year's work value? Same.



^ Casual footage of Tristan makes millions of dollars at work.

But wait, it's just a slice of a very big and delicious pie! Different places that seem very enthusiastic about sports report that Tristan signed a $ 5 million contract with Cavs and earns about $ 17 million in the current 2018-19 season. Literally, wut.

He also (maybe) makes money from claims

Like all other celebrities ever, Tristan seems dabble in #SponCon. He means that he designs trademarks to market his product in exchange for bold control. The revenue generated through these collabs is usually held privately, but apparently 2015, Tristan had an agreement with Canada's own Tim Hortons. Please take a moment to sit with this blessed image:

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So, what is Trista's total net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, that would be $ 20 million. Like him or leave him, we can all agree that this is very impressive, so with that in mind:



If you think that $ 20 million sounds quite small considering he signed a $ 82 million contract, remember that Tristan is still in the first years of the deal. Plus, he has a fairly high tax bill.

P.S. Tristan and Khloe's common net worth will be great if they marry

She is worth a reported $ 40 million and he is worth an additional $ 20 million, so together they have a free $ 60 million. Baby True, can we change life really fast?