Valentino Spring Summer 2020 – AMDMode

Traveling is indeed a physical activity, but it really enlightens and enriches when it takes the form of a freely flowing, boundless meandering of the mind. Travelers who travel in the context of their own minds can cross the boundaries of reaching somewhere else, expanding opportunities and imagining utopias.

When characters and traces of different cultures are mixed and flowed in a sartorial gift that makes everything possible, an exotic utopia materializes. Differences are gathered and everything finds a meaning – another meaning, with an unexpected meaning – in the dialogue with the other. Lines flow, colors glow like the high and the low, the bright and the earthy mingles and yarns. Djellaba's purity, the simplicity of the kaftan, the human authenticity, a touch of handmade crochet and embroidery meet the costume of the suit, simple floating outerwear.

Imaginative landscapes – truly exotic utopias – created by artist Roger Dean, who designs the others, many others are kept, in bright colors on surfaces, materialize imagined places, make them visible and thus real.

As the journey changes the traveler, reading habits, gestures and opinions, so clothing seems to have a weak absence: a straw hat on the head, Valentino Garavani Rockrunner Plus sneakers at the feet, practical bags in hand. There is no final destination for the trip, which happens here and now. Utopias have the power to shape what is not there and are burdened with the desire to make it happen. Otherwise it will be possible.