Versace Home presents the Versace Wallpaper Collection

A collection that is noticeable with the brand's design aesthetic, "Versace IV", embraces the love of both classical art and innovative modernity.

The La Scala del Palazzo the collection draws inspiration from Versace & # 39; s Milanese palazzo in Via Gesù – showing the scenic marble staircase leading to the private quarters. The collection has an elegant combination of architectural elements and a sophisticated color palette.

Barocco is immediately recognized and is synonymous with Versace. The Barocco Metallics line has the iconic print from the Fall-Winter 1991 collection in iridescent tones.

The Heritage the collection has a classic Barocco print from the Fall-Winter 1991 collection. The iconic print has subtle baroque floral elements and the collection depicts these motifs in soft and delicate colorways.

This striking wallpaper line encloses the Versace DNA and reinterprets it through a decoupage-like technique that has an eclectic mix of heritage prints: Le Coupe des Dieux, Baroque print from autumn-winter 1991 and spring-summer 1992 paths and signature Animalier motifs.

A rich color palette and exotic decorative elements from Barocco birds line add a touch of extravagance to the art of living. The fantasy – tropical theme design has paradise birds in association with gold-toned baroque details.