Victoria Beckham Gets Haircut A Route to People's Choice Awards 2018

If you zoom in on People's Choice Awards Red Carpet Pictures by Victoria Beckham, there's one thing you definitely can not find: split ends. Posh would not dare to show up to an industry event that needed a trim – and on Sunday night we learned how long she should go to get the perfect hair to happen.

As Beckham documented on her Instagram Stories, her red carpet ended with the stylist Ken Paves and gave her a quick haircut in the car. Because this is a Brit we're talking about, the words she used to explain her situation can only be described as breaking apart. "We are making hair and makeup in the car, just having a quick hairstyle," she told the camera. "Why do we do this, Ken? Was anyone late today? Was anyone late, Ken? Was that why we were literally getting ready in the car?"

"I'm never late," replied Paves. (Reader, he was late.) Glam Church obviously drove around Los Angeles as paves put the last hand on Beckham's hair. (Friendly reminder: These scissors are in the hands of a professional. Do not try to do this at home – or in a car, rather.)

Getty / Steve Granitz

Before her car cut, Beckham shared her entire process at Instagram, from landing in Los Angeles to make her makeup by her nail artist Tom Bachik. If the celebrity red carpet prep can ever be described as "normal" it looked like a fairly common pre-show routine. Glam may have ended with an acute haircut, but you would never know through the appearance of the finished style. Beckham ended with a Meghan Markle-esque loose, textured, low-pony tail with face-raising tendrils, and She took home the PCA Fashion Icon Award. Maybe car cuts are her new happy charm.

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