Victoria Beckham has only suggested that she will not look at the Spice Girls Reunion Tour

People's Choice Awards 2018 - Arrivals

Getty ImagesMatt Winkelmeyer

Although the highly hyped Spice Girls reunion tour sold out in a few minutes, and fans are apparently hungry to see the gangster together again, it looks like Victoria Beckham, although Posh Spice may not even be featured on the tour.

Victoria never planned to join herself, but there are speculations that she will not be surprised. At People's Choice Awards Tonight, Victoria knew that she had no wish to sing at any stage anytime soon.

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While accepting the Fashion Icon Award, Victoria wondered that he would use notecards during his speech and said, "I hung my microphone recently and I get scared when I get up to the scene and see a microphone." If Victoria is not comfortable speaking In front of a microphone, it is doubtful that she should sing in one for a tour that she did not seem to be too amped about in the first place. Plus, "I Hanged My Microphone" comment is a pretty blatant signal that she has no desire to bite "Spice Up Your Life" for a large crowd, no matter how enthusiastic / how many requests I start.

Sigh. Perhaps she will at least help in designing other Spice Girls tour suits?