Victoria's Secret Angels do not wear Highlighter at the 2018 VS Fashion Show

Backstage at Victoria's Secret 2018 fashion show, there was one pulp of pink (the carpet, the chairs, the tablecloths). There was a lot of bling and many hair extensions (more about one minute) but what was absolutely lacking in the make-up tables and the faces of the models was highlighter. The makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury found a way to make the model's skin glow without glittering things.

"The stylist for the show Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou wanted the girls to glow and their skin would look fresh, but she said she hatred glitter "Tilbury told me behind the stage before the sign on the show so the makeup artist has to think about a way to make the girls look brilliant without any obvious shine on the skin.

She did it with a mixture of skin care products and creamy clean makeup, all of which came from Tilbury's own line. (Her product line was basically made for Victoria's Secret show. No, Gisele was the inspiration behind her Wonderglow product.)

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Tilbury sent each of the models that went on her show's Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask to use the week leading up to the show and then hit one on the face the minute they sat in the make-up chair. "The mask really gives them a dew and then we put Magic Cream on top of it," Tilbury explained. After that, there was a strategic layering of lots of pure liquid types of basics: Wonderglow, which shines primer, followed by a piece of foundation and concealer where needed, and ended with his Hollywood Flawless Filter, which she either mixed with Magic Cream and applied over the face, or applied only when required. "Incorrect filter was perfect to get the effect we wanted, because there is no mica, it's just this smooth complex booster," Tilbury said. "It looks a little metallic in the tube, but the way it reads just makes you look shiny and fresh."

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Final touches to the skin included a bit of contour with the status of Charlotte's Filmstar Bronze & Glow Contour Duo and Cream Blush, which was a combination of her Beach Lip & Cheek Sticks in Las Salinas (a medium pink) and Ibiza (gilded bronze) which, when mixed and applied to the cheeks and across the nebula, gave a sunscreen effect. "I want it to look like a sunset in Ibiza on their faces," Tilbury replied.

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Regarding the lips, Tilbury applied Victoria's Secret Velvet Matte Cream in Showstopper, a shade quite close to her famous Pillow Talk color tone and topped with shine.

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"The casting is the most varied casting they've ever had in Victoria's secret show", says haircuts Anthony Turner (who has made the hair behind the stage on the show for several seasons now). Because of that, he wanted to keep the model's hair as natural as possible, regardless of texture, yet make sure that the different styles felt right to get on an octave like this one. "As always, all model hair looks very, very luxurious and quality, but it still has a cool factor," added Turner.

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The styling process was entirely due to the model's hair types. Spirals gave extra feathers using small-sized curling iron, short styles and natural textures each zhuzhed up and topped with product to shine, while long, straight and wavy hair was spotted Victoria's Secret Blowout. "We put products in the hair, wipe it evenly, and then use the largest curly iron that Conair has," explained Turner, who was provided with lots of hot tools from the brand just for the show. "We want more of a wave instead of a curl so we go diagonally – take our sections diagonally and then go back, away from the face because of the fans at the end of the track so we want everything to go back easily."