Viral Tweet shows women's modeling the cousin's engagement ring

There are two types of people in this world: those who can not go one day without an untouched manicure, and those who do not prioritize nail polish. The latter may sometimes have their nails painted, but they have no trouble walking just as often, sometimes necessary. A recent tweet that's gone viral tells the fun and sweet story of a newly married woman in this category.

On November 3, the Australian Twitter user told @goodgaljenjen – real name Jenna – two pictures, writing, "My cousin's boyfriend suggested her but she did not have the nails done lmao." In the first photo, the couple's faces are partially blocked by what appears to be the hand of the new fiancé, showing away her beautiful ring and red squared manicure. The other photo, however, shows that it is an illusion.

Jenna is actually on her knees behind her cousin, Diana, raising her arm and wearing the engagement ring to make her close-up look like her hand is actually Diana. Clearly, Jenna is not just a good cousin – she's a good friend.

The tweet looks like it can hit a million like soon, and it has collected thousands of answers. "I laughed about ten minutes on these pictures," wrote a person – a feeling echoed by many. Others tagged their friends to let them know they would do the same for them. Not everyone, however, was a fan of thought. "Nobody puts my ring on but I" wrote a person.

When Jenna saw how many people liked and retweeted her pictures, she added to the thread to give them a little more context. "Diana is a nurse so she has never done the nails." José was planning this surprise proposal and could not really make her nails do without suspicion, "" she wrote. "José convinced Diana that the celebration was for her parents wedding day before he got up and revealed that it was all right for her! My girlfriend organized her own party of ideas", complete with a photographer who snapped the now famous shots.

And we have to give it to Jenna – besides being a good friend, she has a great handset. Someone gets this woman an agent.

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