Viral Video Features Makeup brushes made of human hair

In the moment Rihanna entered the great world of beauty waving, we knew something bad would happen. We simply do not deserve to see Rih put on a black lip in a sweep. The second proverbial beauty shoe had to be released sometime. Internet gives, and the Internet removes – and today my friends, the Internet, have come to remove.

A Twitter user is called @malicioustaurus warned the beauty world of a DIY there, in the name of a "5-minute boat", a woman chops her hair, sticks in a pen and calls it a makeup brush.

Let's cut straight to the hunt: A hair patch is not a makeup brush. Aside from the shrinkage factor, human hair is covered with all sorts of strange oils and chemicals that you probably do not want to apply directly to your face. I love my dry shampoo, but it's not just La Mer. Let's leave it on the scalp where it belongs.

The video went viral – out of anger, thanks God Pat McGrath. People do not seem to try this home at home. As a commentator wrote, "All that nice makeup will not cover the big missing hair tip in front of fun." Nevertheless, it's a shock to make sure that a person decides to throw a big piece of hair for a "craft" sake. There are very good, affordable makeup brushes at your local pharmacy, friends. Emergency stylist meeting to fix your asymmetric hair will cost way more than a couple of brushes.

We get it: There is no beauty character more feared than cleaning your makeup brushes. Like the one who buys new lingerie instead of doing their own laundry, beauty lovers with extra layers on the hand have become known to simply throw their (probably already long lasting) makeup brushes and start a new set. It's a misguided solution to deal with the problem of dirty makeup brushes. And now, thanks to the dark power of the Internet, we have another. But please do not look at this outrageous beauty DIY. Look Rihanna makes her makeup instead.

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