Waitrose launches the cool Polish beauty brand Yope in stores

If I ever meet a member of Waitroro's beauty buying team, I can only give them a hug.

Not only does the thinking woman's supermarket contain the excellent Lano Rabbit Tinted Lip Balm and Korre Shower Gels (which puts out all other body products in the store) Now, the leaned shelves will host one of my favorite cult collections this year, Yope.

You may not have heard of this Polish brand, which mostly offers beautiful things to do with, but I doubt there is a beauty friend in Britain that would not fall for its charm. Firstly, there are formulations, all at least 92% natural and nasty, in wonderful botanical mixtures, including verbena, geranium and my personal favorite, Coconut and Sea Salt. The packaging is also a winner that combines pharmacy appeals that you would be proud to show on your bathroom with neat animal illustrations and practical pump dispensers (side roof: for shower products, I love a pump, no mess, no waste, no scrapers of wet hands and unhygienic dipping of paws in and out)

I've worked around a fair part of the range, I'm still finding something I can not handle, and have repeatedly used Fig Tree Liquid Soap – a rare achievement for any product, given how much access I have for shiny news. The last thing I should mention about Yope is the price, which is startling fair. I'm talking $ 8.99 for a giant 500ml hand soap or shower gel and about the same for wonderful little touches of buttery hand cream. This is a bumpy bump but does not feel like or does it smell, and it will certainly not look like guests in your lower loo.

What more could you wish for? I would recommend socks at your next supermarket, I predict that these will sell faster than anything like magic pudding Heston has up with his sleeve for Christmas this year.

Yope, now available from £ 7.99 at Waitrose stores