Washing your face can actually improve your health, but can you really wash your face?

When washing your face, start with your hands first, then slowly and upwards, gently scrub, don’t use too much force.

Washing face can actually be health care, can Do you really wash your face?

Some people like to wash their faces with alkaline soaps. They think they can be washed more cleanly. In fact, they are more alkaline and cause skin loss. Many moisture and nutrients reduce the elasticity of the skin, making the skin very dry, slack, and easy to form wrinkles.

Do not wash your face with cold water or hot water. It is best to use alternating hot and cold water. This will remove oil stains on the face and help the skin strengthen blood circulation and make the skin more delicate and tight. To.

Washing face can actually be health care, can Do you really wash your face?

If you are facing the computer and TV for a long time, it is best to pay attention to your face every day, because the screens of computers and TVs will attract dust, which contains dust. Some abnormal particles and microorganisms, on the skin for a long time, can cause skin diseases. So after using it, it is best to wash your face.

Washing can actually be healthy Health care, can you really wash your face?

Remove some bad habits that affect beauty, such as quitting smoking, because smoking will accelerate aging, and it will damage your teeth and affect your appearance. . Frowning, blinking, pouting, etc., should also be done less, because it will cause wrinkles on the skin and it will be difficult to disappear.