Ways to get through the days while the children are in quarantine

We are all navigating new territory today, so if you are at the end of ways to handle the extra time at home, you are not alone!

Dayna Childress (@ Helloquadruplets) is the mother of five, including a set of adorable quadruplets for infants. Here's how she manages daily social isolation with five toddlers at home:

1. Get ready as you usually do. I always feel better when I'm dressed and ready and stay in my pj all day.

2. Find new things to do together. I started to make a point to cook or bake every day and i have my oldest son & # 39; help & # 39; me to make everything clear.

3. Go outsidee. I got out my stroller and packed all the kids and we go on a long walk together.

4. Squeeze in some "me" time where you can. Once everyone is sleeping with their Owlet Smart Socks & Cams on, I grab myself a cup of coffee, sit on my back porch and enjoy the quiet, while I check everyone through my phone.

5. Don't be afraid of extra screen time. There is plenty of extra time to fill these days while no one is going anywhere. Kids need a lot of attention so don't feel bad about letting them have that extra screen time if you need a moment to get back.

First time mom Sarah Kohan (@sarakohan) shares her advice about staying at home with a little one.

Let's be real: quarantine with one super The active infant at home for the last 18 days has been challenging, to say the least! After the first week, I realized that I had to find little activities we could do around the garden and the house together so we could both feel that our minds were active and tired of the little guy.

1. Find new activities

This is hard! I had to improvise so we both got some time outside and didn't get cabin fever.

The first activity we did was a tour of the garden and talk about all the plants outside. Noah loves to be out and was entertained for a while. He wanted to touch and feel all the structures on the leaves and loved to watch everything swinging in the wind.

We have pebbles in the garden and Noah will pick them up, examine them and then after he has found the perfect stones he will put them together to make some music for a few minutes! I can't wait until he is a little older and wants to do some stone painting!

We also set up a swing in the garden. I found a cheap set on Amazon that keeps him so happy and busy. He just started to love going to the park and watching the other kids while he was on the run before quarantine struck so this is a perfect option.

To complete our secret playground, I have also ordered a sandbox! Like most infants, Noah loves to play with sand and it is so good for their developmental skills – moving the sand and placing it in objects, feeling the structure and consistency of everything and practicing sitting and standing in it. This will provide hours of fun for little Noah outside while getting some fresh air, vitamin D and taking a break from being cooped up inside. One important thing to note when buying a sandbox: make sure it comes with a lid that fits perfectly to prevent all animals from crawling into it at night and leaving off bacteria that can make your little ones sick.

2. Stick to your pre-quarantine schedule

My number one rule during this lockdown has been to try to stick to the daily schedule we had before we were told to be home. Otherwise, it just feels like all the days and weeks are blending into each other. It just doesn't work for me and it really doesn't work for Noah. Having structure for our day and making sure we wake up and go to bed as consistently as possible has really helped me stay positive and focused throughout the day. With all the uncertainty around right now, it is nice to have some security in our household.

3. Take some time

I get my me time every time I put Noah down for a nap. It's my chance twice a day for 1-1.5 hours to have some alone time to drink some tea, take some vitamin D in the yard and estimate that we still have our health right now. I also like to get involved in my favorite hobbies, including painting, reading, exercising and planning and dreaming in terms of career. Keeping the little bits of me and allowing me to do these activities instead of just doing the monotonous (and endless!) Household chores keeps me wise when I'm stuck inside and can't go out.

Another tip that I have found so important during this time is to stay in touch with your friends and family and anyone who may be vulnerable right now. This is a scary time for everyone and with forced isolation it can be easy to forget others, but for your mental health reach out through FaceTime, talk on the phone, send pictures and keep in touch with loved ones. It can help you feel less alone and still part of your community.

4. Fix your to-do list

This for me was sleep training. Time has continued to grow thick since Noah was 6 months old and I could never find the right time to sleep trains. I had researched so many different methods and they all seemed so harsh and I was already exhausted from several awakenings one night. So when we found out that we had to be at home in quarantine for at least two weeks, I thought it was the perfect time to nap and sleep at night. Until now, Noah had taken the naps in my arms or the stroller and woke up every three hours (sometimes every hour) at night because he couldn't calm himself. I put Soah down to 7 and he woke up less than an hour later. Then I have to constantly calm him down for hours – sometimes until 10 pm! It's here Dream Lab from Owlet came in.

Dream Lab was so easy to follow and after completing the instructions online, I decided to implement the techniques to help Noah learn self-soothing techniques. And in four nights (!!!) he did it! So now I can lay him down for naps in his crib and finally get some time for me. I've been such a big fan of Owlet since Noah was born and have been wearing Smart sock and it has given me so much peace of mind as a worried first time mom.

Summary: this has been a lifesaver for my mental health and the little guy can now calm himself and get a restful sleep!

5. Get sucked into cooking

I used to love to cook before having a baby when it seemed like I had all the time in the world. Obviously things changed in the last 9 months and I never really felt like I had time to cook. But since closure, I have made it my priority to cook the things I longed for, while creating a creative twist on things to make them healthier than the traditional recipe.

I have now made many batches of banana bread, potato bakery, ribs, spaghetti bolognese, spaghetti carbonara, nachos, chicken soup (one of Noah's favorites!) Lamb chops and Milanese! Cooking has served as another outlet for my creativity, but we also introduce Noah to flavors and food and allow him to eat and enjoy the baby-led weaning style. He is at that stage now when he sees food he will start trying to grab it or he sounds and suggests he wants to try it!