We tried 2 new Vegan Mascaras to find out the best

Veganism is the newest trend to beat the beauty industry – along with everything CBD-based – but you don't have to be vegan to enjoy vegan makeup. If you are wondering which vegan beauty at all, it means 100% cruelty-free products that do not contain animal derived ingredients, such as beeswax or lanolin (which is from sheep's wool). Even if you use vegan products is not important to you, we love that there are more options for people who are vegans, and the fact that vegan formulas are generally good – for your skin or flips!

Temporary makeup goddess Kat Von D and the beauty guides at Tarte decided to launch a new vegan mascara within the same week, so we decided to test both! Cat Von's Go Big or Go Home Volumizing Mascara costs $ 23 and claims to add extreme volume driven by herbal fats, while Tarte Big Ego Vegan Mascara costs $ 23 and promises to increase your lash volume and confidence!

Here's our full review:

Cat Von D Go Big or Go Home: A vegan mascara rich in black pigment made with a mixture of olive oil and sunflower oils to provide fluffy, bulky lashes with a large brush brush.

Cat Von D Go Big or Go Home

Tarte Big Ego: An ultra-black flake-free vegan mascara that directly gives the volume and lifts to eyelashes with a twisted double-brush brush.

Tarte Big Ego

Formula and Brush: Both formulas differ from a regular mascara by not feeling "wet". We found this more with the Kat Von D-formula, which did not immediately cling on lashes and took a little more building to get the payment and volume we wanted. Both mascara wands have large bristles (with different shapes), although the Kat Von D brush seemed a bit bigger and we felt like we had more control with the Tarte Big Ego mascara troll, which also helped to separate the flip-flops more efficiently.

Cat Von D Go Big or Go Home

Fullness: Both mascaras gave the volume, but not as impressive as our favor to meet better than sex mascara (which is also vegan, but also flakes!).

Before and After Kat Von's Go Big or Go Home Volumizing Mascara:

Length: Both formulas gave a natural finish, but if you want really prolonged drama it may not be for you.

Tarte Big Ego mascara

Use test: Although both formulas claim to be "flake-free" and "clump-free", we found a very small patch and some clumping from KVD Go Big or Go Home mascara – the more layers we added, the more bulky it turned out but with just a few layers it gave subtle volumes and there were no lumps, so be careful not to use too much. We didn't notice any smudging all day from either mascara.

Before and after Tarte Big Ego Vegan Mascara (turn right):

The verdict: Both mascaras are perfect if you are looking for a daily vegan mascara that gives a nice amount of volume and not flakes or smears. We found Tarte Big Ego a little easier to use and apply, and we preferred the last look and wear, so for us the Big Ego mascara edge over Kat Von D Go Big or Go Home mascara.

Have you tried any of these? Let us know your review in the comments below.