What causes acne – 13 Surprising reasons why your face breaks out

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Breakouts are the worst. And if you are one of the 40-50 million Americans who affect acne, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, you know how much it sucks.

So what causes this skin disorder ruins of first date slashes all? Mainly overproduction of oil; blocked hair follicles that do not allow the above-mentioned oil to leave the pore, which often results in a clogged porn; and the growth of bacteria within the hair follicles aka P. acnes.

But along with the above factors and genetics that play a role in how your body reacts to different hormones in your body that also causes acne-there are some patterns that you can repeat on a daily basis that results in or may even aggravate, Your already annoying question. Here are some of the most surprising trigger-taking notes, acne-like people, so you can also have spotless, glowing skin!

You use products containing popping stuffs.

Mineral oil, for example, is a super-heavy moisturizer found in some lotions that are also known to clog your pores and break you out. Silicones, which are common in skin care and cosmetics, are another ingredient that can plug your pores, resulting in stains, according to Dr. Jeanine Downie, a cosmetic dermatologist in Montclair, New Jersey.

What you can do differently: Make sure all skin care products you use are labeled noncomedogenic, which means that your makeup or skin care has been formulated specifically to not clog your pores. With that said, if the product is noncomedogenic and your outbreak continues to worsen, make an appointment with your dermatologist because you may be allergic to another ingredient in the product that causes your problems.

You are uneven on site treatments.

Overusing topical salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or sulfur treatment treatments can wipe the skin, causing your skin to result in more oil and, in turn, stains. So while you turn to treatments to minimize the appearance of your acne, it can actually make it look worse –if you do not use it properly Especially because the active ingredients can easily burn the top layer on the skin, making it look red and raw if you use the formula too often. It also makes it harder to hide than if you had left it alone, according to Samantha Wright, a licensed aesthetist at the Dangene Institute.

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What you can do differently: Instead of blowing your zit with a spot treatment every night, apply a bottle of OTC a percent hydrocortisone cream, such as Aveeno One Percent Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream, on the spot two to three times a day to reduce inflammation and redness. Then camouflage it (if you want!) By simply covering it with a concealer, like Clinique Even Better Compact Makeup, which has antibacterial ingredients to keep the formula germ free and your face clear. I'm not saying you'll never use spot treatment again, just do not overdo it – two to three times a week, no other night will not hurt you. However, if your skin responds to the treatment, change the above-mentioned hydrocortisone cream to calm the stain.

You eat spicy food.

Spicy foods often contain tomatoes and peppers, which contain sour lycopene that can be annoying for some people, says Dr. Downie and throws away the skin's pH levels and triggers outbreaks. However, it is not only spicy foods that can irritate the skin. Some people have an aversion to dairy, bread or other types of food. How your skin responds to what you eat depends only on your own personal makeup.

What you can do differently: Take a break from eating spicy foods (if your skin is irritated by a certain ingredient, you will recognize small crusts or even stains in a rash around the chin or mouth) for a month to see if that's the reason for your problem. If the problem persists, talk to your dermatologist or meet a gastroenterologist to see if there is something more serious in your gastrointestinal tract.

Hair products cause chaos on your skin.

The sulfates (detergents), heavy moisturizers and silicones that your shampoo, conditioner and stylists can contain can suck into your pores and clog them together, resulting in chest, bacne or pesky pimples along your hairline, according to Wright.

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What you can do differently: When you wash and condition your hair in the shower, lean your head on the side to keep the product's remains of your face, chest and back as you rinse it off. And be sure to wash your face by the time you are in the shower to make sure you have not received any product on your skin that could break you out later. If it is your back that breaks out, wash it later after you have rinsed your hair, because the ingredients that are on your skin may clog your pores.

You rub your skin too hard.

If you think that the more you clean your skin – with a cloth, coarse exfoliants (like crushed apricot seeds), loofahs or cleaning brushes – the softer it will be, I'm here to tell you that your zituation is just inevitably worse. Here's why: When you rub the active acne, you pull the bacteria of the patch over your skin, exacerbate the existing condition and possibly even cause it to spread.

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What you can do differently: Carefully wash and moisturize your face with a mild yet effective system (detergent, toner, moisturizer) containing porous cleansing ingredients, such as alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic acid and lactic acid. In this way, you keep the cropping to a minimum. Wright recommends Obagi Foaming Gel, Toner and Exfoderm Lotion, her favorite system for suggesting to Dange's acne-based customers.

You're a make-up bandit and your boyfriend has a beard.

Sure, some dud looks hot with a beard (see Ryan Gosling) or even a fifteen shadow, but your BF's facial hair does not make your beautiful face any benefits when it comes to breakouts. Long story short: When you and your guy are holding you close your smooth face to his hairy, creating friction, which makes his spotted hair stimulate the oil production on the face, causing stains and even beard burning. Ouch!



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What you can do differently: Please ask him to shave the beard in the name of flawless skin. Or ask him to condition his beard with coconut oil, so the little hair does not feel like little sword that sticks your face every time you kiss – and possibly leave you a new patch of pimples the next day.

You are smoking.

Each time you light a cigarette, you reduce the amount of oxygen that goes into your face skin, says Dr. Downie. Smoking does not only contaminate cancer, it causes collagen degradation and elastin that leads to wrinkles and increased pore size. In addition, the carcinogens in your smoke irritate skin and wipe it out, which triggers it to produce more oil and possibly more breakouts.

What you can do differently: Do not smoke. As simple as that. You will live longer and have clearer skin.

You can not stop picking up your pimples.

It's tempting at the moment, but it's never a good idea to play dermatologists because it's impossible to choose your own pollen and not make a red mark that can be a scar. Even worse, when you try to push the oil body or brush out of your porn, you risk pushing the bacteria deeper, spreading it under the skin and multiplying your pimples. This can also cause elevated bumps of scar tissue that never goes away-I feel this from personal experience.

What you can do differently: Challenge yourself not to choose or even touch your face for unnecessary reasons, as you can transfer bacteria on your skin that way, by Wright. Not touching your face makes wonders for your skin, as it allows your zits to heal on their own, which causes the skin to be mild. If you need to physically place something over your pimple to keep your hands off (and to prevent more bacteria from entering the zone), try the Mighty Patch Hydrocolloid Acne Absorbing Spot Dot, a flat, flexible, dry-free patch that protects your location, so that it can heal faster.

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You do not properly release the voltage.

Stress triggers acne and acne results in more stress ah, the very evil cycle. Basically, when pressed, your skin produces stress hormones, including cortisol, that can stimulate your oil glands to make testosterone, "explains Dr. Downie. This then increases the oil production, seals your pores.


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What you can do differently: Train regularly, meditate and take time out of your busy schedule to focus on yourself. All of these things help you free up stress, so your body continues to not release hormones that cause chaos on your skin.

You use the wrong detergent.

Per Dr. Downie, some chemicals in some detergents can be too hard for your skin. And when you drop your clothes or lay on your pillow, your beauty can respond to residues remaining on the fabric, resulting in outbreaks of the face, back, buttocks, chest, etc.

What you can do differently: Choose a scent and color detergent and dermatologist state for sensitive skin, such as Seventh Generation Concentrated Free & Clear Unscented Detergent.

You wear many hats or constantly touch your face.

Anything that can sweat and germinate against the skin and clog your pores, fed on a tight hat, can cause zits to cut. When sitting at your desk (guilty!) You can also touch your face or rest your hand. You can transfer bacteria from hand to face and cause stains to brew, she adds.

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What you can do differently: Yes, hats are modern, but change your style and go without wearing one too little to see if that's the root of your pimple problem. Also, Keep your hands away from your face. Seriously, it's super easy to do.

You do not wash your face / body after exercising.

Jump over the shower just after exercising or not washing your face, at least allowing makeup, dirt, bacteria and oil (already on your skin) to mix with sweat-that everyone will find a good home in your pores, settle in your warm skin , causing breakouts to eventually surface.

What you can do differently: Wipe your face, chest and back down before exercising with facial tissues, such as Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towels, to remove your makeup. Then, if you do not have time to shower right after the gym, use another fresh face to clean off sweat and bacteria on the skin to minimize the risk of new pimples appearing.

You're still a soldier.

You are probably already aware of lying in the sun and going to the solarium causing skin cancer, but if it still has not prevented you from striking the beach without sunscreen or the appropriate protective equipment (even the beautiful sun hat), maybe this will. Contrary to popular belief, the sun does not read your acne, it actually makes it worse. What happens is that your face gets red from the sun, it causes some outbreaks you might have been right in, giving the appearance of a clearer skin. But what is it? really In progress, it's on top that your face turns red, the sun dries out the skin and triggers more oil production, which can lead to more zits.

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What you can do differently: To begin with, stop going to the solarium. Period. And if you're in the sun, be sure to slip on a titanium dioxide or zinc-based sunscreen. (These natural sunscreens and their formulations below contain fewer chemicals so they will not break out so easily) and wear a sun hat or bullet cover to protect your face skin from hard rays.

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