What does your eye color tell you about and who you are attracted to?

Well it is often said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. They are the first thing we notice in another person and it is much more for eye color than simple genetic pigmentation. They can reveal a lot about your personality and your health. Most shocking, however, is that the eye color can also determine who you are most attracted to!

It may be no surprise to you that many romantic couples share some physical traits, but the attractiveness of a particular eye color can come from a surprising source. According to a paper published by Lisa DeBruine and her colleagues at the University of Glasgow, people tend to prefer romantic partners whose eye color matches their parents. To show how the eye color affects their attraction to another, the research group recruited 300 heterosexual and gay men and women and made records of their eye color, as well as the eye color of the parents and their lovers. The eye color was then categorized in light (covering blue, green, blue-green, gray and hazel) and dark (covering light brown, dark brown and black).

The researchers found that overall heterosexual women and gay men were twice as likely to have a lover of similar eye color to their father's, while gay and heterosexual men were more likely to get a lover who matched their mother's eye color.

In general, the eyes of many people describe to be the most important facial function of a potential partner, according to another study by FastLife.com. The study stated that the majority of male and female participants found blue to be the most attractive eye color. Other than blue, the men found preferred women with green eyes over brown, while women were more attracted to brown eyes over green in men.

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