What is the use of lip balm?

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Lip lip balm is an essential item in every feminine cosmetic bag. It protects our lips from a variety of external factors such as cold and dryness. However, lip balm has many unique and small uses. Xiaobian today shares with you the new features of lip balm.

What is the use of lip balm

First, beauty articles

1, supple hair

Lip lip balm for first aid hair The hair is very useful. Use your fingers to apply a proper amount of lip balm and apply it to the rough hair. It can effectively smooth the scales and make the hair smooth.

2, Eyelash Styling

Apply a little lip balm to the eyelashes to not only help moisturize and dry, fragile and fragile eyelashes during the weather, increase eyelashes The brightness also makes the eyelashes firmer.

3, partial makeup

Apply lipstick to the area where you want to make up the makeup, then wipe off the lipstick oil, you can modify it to make up Part of the makeup.

Second, life articles

1, new shoes grinding feet

Newly bought high heels Put on the grinding feet and apply a lip balm to reduce the friction between the skin on the back and the shoes.

What is the use of lip balm

2, repair scratches

There are some small scratches on the shoes, which can be repaired with lipstick, or you can use lipstick to repair bags, belts, Small scratches on the furniture.

3. Pull out the ring

When the ring is not pulled out, apply a lip balm around the ring and slowly Pull the ring out and you can solve it.

4, smooth zipper

When the clothes zipper is stuck, apply a little lipstick to make the zipper smooth.

What is the use of lip balm

5, Needle box

In addition to the paste part, the used lipstick tube can also be used as a super convenient sewing box. First find a small piece of cloth, put a little cotton wool into it, slowly put it up and wrap the cotton wool completely, use the needle to sew the interface to make a small cotton wool bag. Then wrap the cotton wool into the lipstick tube so that our needles are ready. When you don’t need it, you can rotate it and it’s super convenient.

Three, the correct application of lipstick

1 First apply a hot towel to the lips to soften the dead skin on the lips;

2 After applying, gently rub on the lips, let the dead skin fall off, do not use too much force, so as not to break the lips;

3 Then spread the lipstick along the contour of the lip;

4 If you feel that your moisture is not enough, you can apply the lipstick twice.

However, moisturizing the lips is the primary task of lip balm. It is best to use the abandoned lip balm to try these tricks. Are these little fairies getting ready?