What you should know to organize your cabinet?

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Home organization bugs me last month suddenly. First of all was how to organize my close. I remember that I had come across the Konmari methods for the organization well back in 2015-16, but I paid no consideration for it. Suddenly, one day a youtube video on closet organization came out of the blue that started me on this project to rethink my entire wardrobe to save space and redness.

I am a purity fanatic on my regular days and a lazy couch potato on my bad days. I like clean and organized spaces. Too much of the mess or decor makes my mind chaotic. If I can't find any benefit from something, it goes immediately from my house. Even after being so diligent, I realized that my space utilization skills are not that good!

Did you know that we use 20% of our clothes and things 80% of the time.

What you should know to organize your cabinet?

Most recently, my dressing room was completely disorganized. Most of my things were in non-ferrous piles. All the dressed clothes were hit randomly and filled in the closet. In short, everything was an organized mess. But a mess anyway. So I decided to start my home organization from my wardrobe.

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Did you know you should have a work table to put on your clothes? Yes, a work table makes it easy to add all sizes of clothing. I used my dining table as a work table that made it easier to handle everything from a small handkerchief to the complex hangers. So, let's see what things you should know this time before you start organizing your closet space.

Did you know how to clamp your clothes properly?

Basic organizational skills include clothing folding techniques. There are different ways in which you can fold your shirt, t-shirt or jeans. Try different methods and see what works best for you. The Konmari method is very simple and takes much less space. The best advantage of the correct folding method is that your clothes do not get wrinkled.

You would be interested to know that these folding tips and methods do not work well for Indian wear. So we follow the basic principle with some tweaks that fit our purposes.

Lay down the fabric laid on the worktop, smooth it from start to finish, fold it and stack it. You can use the triple Konmari method to virtually fold everything. The purpose is to create a rectangle from the fabric. The triple method does not allow it to be bulky when it is laid and saves a lot of space while organizing your wardrobe. The video below helped me a lot with ethnic wear specifically.

Did you know how to store your clothes and bedding to save space?

We use all horizontal spaces very well, but how well we use the vertical spaces is the key. Stacking a leaning tower of 10-20 shirts one by one forever in the risk of crashing is not an effective use of vertical space. When we learn how to properly fold things, it becomes easier to stack them horizontally or vertically.

The reorganization saved me a lot of space and this is when I do not have separate organizers or extra hangers.

The basic principle of organizing your wardrobe is that a look from above should give you an idea of ​​what everything you have and what you want. Likes must be kept with likes in separate baskets to make it easy to find and store. Mixing and matching will also be easier. You can also get some organizers to help maximize the vertical space or stack boxes or organizers on each other depending on the frequency of use.

Did you know how to keep your agency organized?

Previously, my agency would always be a mess. Although I would segregate each product according to its category, there was no divider so everything would stop being jumbled. Finally I used some cartons to use divider and segregated everything again and now it looks clean and I can find something without losing patience or time!

Did you know that you could buy extra organizers for extra space?

No, I'm not talking about the extra boxes but specific tools that you can fix and use. As a lazy susan for dining table and kitchen counter is a great way to keep the regularly used spices at hand. Similarly, a scarf hanger is excellent for keeping all scarves in the same place without occupying too much space.

You also get slide boxes that can be put in your refrigerator or under your cabinets and you can store things in it again and maximize the vertical space. Similarly, you get vertical storage hangers that can handle light clothing. You can also hang your expensive clothes in covered hangers to protect them and save space at the same time. The video above gives many such tips.

Did you know that you can work with any space?

More space, more things you have. Always clean unnecessary items from your house. Keep things simple and utilitarian.

It's not that you have a lot of junk just because your home is huge. But our tendency is usually to continue to buy things without thinking if we have enough space to store it properly. Always make sure you discard your older items before you buy the new one. Keep your things less messy and enjoy declutching. And follow these principles when you organize your wardrobe next time.

The more organized you are, the more chances are in your home, your space and your overall life is organized and moving in the right direction. Well, believe it or not, there is a metaphysical correlation between your life and how organized you are. So, if you really think something goes wrong, start by organizing your space around you and I'm sure you'll notice changes soon enough.

Until then, Swathy.