Where to buy jewelry online that she will love

Is there anything better than a new amazing piece of jewelry to add to your collection?

Whether you like to treat your mothers or daughters to it or simply love the feeling of giving you a wonderful new sparkling object – jewelry gifts are always a nice thing to receive.

And it turns out that ladies jewelry gifts are actually huge business. Expenditure on jewelry and watches has increased sharply over the years. An estimated £ 8462 million was spent on luxury items last year, compared with a much smaller £ 5038 million in 2005.

In fact, we are so big fans of some luxury bubbles that according to a study of 2000 women performed by jeweler Vashi.com, women over 40 have on average accumulated a jewelry collection worth $ 6,000.

And it really makes a great gift. Jewelry often presents important moments in our lives, and gives an emotional connection to someone we love. A ring from a partner, a bracelet from a sister or a grandmother's necklace – jewelry gifts are often among our most valuable things.

So it's Christmas, Valentine or Birthday, jewelry is always a welcome choice.

Here's our editing of the best crowds that suit all women who take their jewelry seriously – whether you're looking for others or just for yourself …

Women's jewelry gifts

Alex Monroe Bumble Bee Necklace

This jewelry of jeweler Alex Monroe has become something of an iconic jewelry gift since it was launched. It is certainly easily recognizable, given its unique bumble bees design. The bee is clearly a popular emblem, with this part remaining the brand's bestselling piece throughout the collection since it was launched.

The delicate golden bumblebee design combines both fun and sophisticated – and the quality is really there as well. The piece is handcrafted in the UK, and shipped out with extreme accuracy so that it stays in top shape before you get into the jewelry box.

While the original design of the necklace is solid yellow, it also comes in a gold-plated and solid gold version – for those customers who have a little more to spend.

Buy jewelry online: Buy Alex Monroe Bumble bee necklace here, £ 150

Raymond Weils Ladies Diamond Noemia Watch

Who does not love a diamond watch? It seems that there are not many of us who do not. Ladies diamond watches are popular popular gift for the extra special occasions.

Raymond Weil – Grandfather with Clock Design – is one of the first places to go if you want a stylish and impressive watch.

Their best-selling design for women is the Diamond Noemia model that has consistently been successful since it was launched in 2009 in Britain.

It has the most important pearl model and a two-color gold and silver band. This would certainly make for an impressive Christmas gift for the lady in your
life that's it always late…

For really, is there a nicer way to tell me about the time?

Buy jewelry online: Buy Raymond Weil ladies diamond watches here, from £ 995 – £ 1,095

Annoushka's & # 39; Kate Middleton & # 39; earrings

A bit from the jeweler Annoushka is another of our recommended jewelry gifts – and it's a brand favored by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge itself!

The 18ct baroque pearl earrings are clearly a jewelry item valued by Catherine, and is one of the favorite sticks for important royal events and dedication.

The duchess was first depicted in the luxurious Kate Middleton earrings five years ago, and since then the amazing item has consistently been the brand's number one most-selling item online. The famous Kate effect at work …

(Duchess wearing Annoushka pearl earrings recently 6 March 2018)

She has also worn them regularly and shows how much the simple yet elegant jewelry goes with almost any outfit. The brand is favored by own w & h editor, Kath Brown, too! We are selling quite a lot …

You can buy the classic pearl mill from 320 kr. The price is just for the pearl drops – not the bands they are hanging from. But the beads can be attached to any suitable earring, which makes them both reworkable as fashion changes over the decades.

Buy Jewelry Online: Buy Annoushka Pearl Barock Kate Middleton Earrings Here, £ 320

Dinny Hall Personal Signet Ring

The pink ring section of Dinny Hall is one of Britain's best-kept jewelry secrets. But do not fear, because we will disclose why this is the perfect jewelry to buy for the lady of your life (or for yourself!).

The bite is remarkably affordable, with prices from £ 100. But that does not mean it compromises on quality, as it is made of sterling silver. In addition, if you are something like us and struggling to find a ring that fits, Dinny Hall will offer a free re-size that takes just one week. So no more fretting about getting that ring size right!

But the really special thing about this part is that you can customize the ring to include a first, giving a unique twist on the object. This also makes the piece the perfect option for a special, unforgettable gift.

Buy jewelry online: Buy Dinny Hall Personal Signet Ring here, £ 100

Mini Halo Hoop Astley Clarke Earrings

These amazing Astley Clarke earrings are the elegant addition to any outfit like each woman wants The hoops are delivered in a stylish 14 karat rose gold and are set with wonderful white diamonds to add that shine. And if it was not enough to convince you, this has been the best seller for the jewelry brand for over five years! Customers can also buy a single halo-hoop for SEK 350, while those with a larger budget can afford a medium size, which is SEK 1250. No matter which boat you fly, these are guaranteed to be a definite winner …

Buy jewelry online: Buy Mini Halo Necklace Astley Clarke Earrings Here, 695 kr

Monica Vinader Friendship Bracelet

This sensitive Monica Vinader bracelet is the perfect option if you want to pair your Christmas costume with a thoughtful gift to a friend. The Fiji chain friendship handbag consists of a slim bar and is fastened by a chain to allow you to customize the piece for perfect fit.

The style is available in 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil or Gold Vermeil depending on your taste – and if you like it you can also get the bracelet engraved for free.

The nice part has been one of Monica Vinader's bestsellers for years – and is guaranteed to make the recipient very happy.

Buy jewelry online: Buy Monica Vinader bracelet here, £ 295

Tiffany pendant necklace

Is there anything better than Tiffany & Co jewelry? Make as Audrey Hepburn with this subtle yet stylishly elegant Tiffany T Smile pendant necklace. The design is simple, but in it lies its beauty – it's a necklace that will go with almost any outfit you put on.

The timeless item is sold in a sterling silver and 18 carat gold and is available in small size and regular size. The smaller silver necklace is cheaper, at £ 240, while the larger silver option is £ 280. And for those with a little more money to splash, the gold option is a more expensive 885 £.

The pendant in the picture (above) is a rose-plated pendant with diamonds priced at 1,775 kr.

Buy jewelry online: Buy Tiffany's T Smile pendant necklace here, £ 240 up

Missoma & Meghan Markle & # 39; Double Arrow Ring, £ 59

This stylish ring from the cool jewelry brand Missoma has been labeled in no less than the duchess of Sussex herself!

18ct Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver Piece can be customized with other rings from the collection, creating a classic yet modern look. The ring also comes in a beautiful label box along with the brand jewelry store guide to keep it in the smallest condition in the coming years.

Buy jewelry online: Buy Missoma & Meghan Markle & # 39; Double Arrow Ring, £ 59

Goldsmith 9ct Rose Gold Multilink Bracelet, £ 250

Rose gold is so trendy at the moment, and what better way to wear it than this eye-catching 9-carat Rose Gold Multilink bracelet from Goldsmiths? To get the complete look and really make a statement, the bracelet will also come with a matching necklace. In addition to being able to get the bracelet from over 100 stores free of charge next day, home delivery is also offered – perfect for last minute gift shop.

Buy jewelry online: Goldsmiths 9ct Rose Gold Multilink Bracelet, £ 250

Yellow Gold Plated Monaco Blue Topaz Earrings, Auree Jewelry, £ 165

Cut to create a spark These unique round earrings will turn your head wherever you are. Set in 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil (a thick layer of 18ct Gold on Sterling Silver) Off-set of the gloss of natural gems, this is a real timeless piece of jewelry that is perfect for party season, special family collections and everything in between.

So what gift do you choose? Christmas is approaching quickly, so go ahead of the shopping pattern and choose our perfect pieces now …