Why and how to separate waste at home?

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In recent months, I have developed this habit of separating junk at home. It has not become a common habit in India yet, but do you know how much you can help the waste pickers and the environment by doing this simple task at home? So let me talk about why and how to separate waste at home?

Environmental awareness is the new buzzword. Unfortunately, we live in India where we have to run campaigns like & # 39; Swacch Bharat & # 39;, which is designated to be very successful. And yet we are not used to separating our junk even after so much awareness and education that earned high wages and lived in cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities.

Why should we separate waste at home?

Our trash has many things from the wet green waste to the unhygienic sanitary and medical waste. Sometimes we also dispose of e-waste and batteries responsibly. When we do not segregate our waste, the task falls on the waste collectors.

Did you know that waste collectors are exposed to a large number of health risks because we are not used to separating waste at home?

Exposure to the sanitary waste exposes them to lots of bacteria and other insects that are attracted to them. When we discard even small batteries, the chemicals leak out of them. When waste pickers segregate the waste, they are exposed to these chemicals such as cadmium, chromium, mercury, et cetera. These toxic chemicals are also released into the environment and cause environmental hazards.

Separating plastic, on the other hand, is a tedious task. Going through the land mines and picking up every little piece of plastic is almost inhuman. And finally, at least a small percentage of the plastic ends up being incinerated and releases toxic fumes into the environment.

Helping waste pickers and the environment, on the other hand, will reduce our personal carbon footprint and help transfer the habit to future generations. You can also make money by selling away all recyclable waste that is separated at home.

How to separate waste at home?

It is generally known that we have three categories of waste – biodegradable or green, recyclable which includes cartons, plastic and glass and rejected waste that includes sanitary and medical waste. Electronic waste (e-waste) comes under recyclable waste.

The greens are an important part of our rubbish and are mainly compost resistant. The recyclable waste is what we can make money from and feel good about by contributing our piece to the environment. This category includes everything from your plastics, cartons and paper to batteries and metals.

So here are some prominent points that you should take care of while separating waste at home.

Clean all plastic and pizza boxes before separating them

When separating the trash, whether you do it daily or monthly, always make sure there are no food particles or beverage residues in it. They attract insects and bugs and rodents, which is not desirable anywhere, even in waste management centers. Make sure they are clean and dry.

Also, make sure you separate the correct type of paper. The waxy feelings and magazines remain separate. Only plain paper and tissues make it into my compost. Did you know that cardboard boxes are also good for composting but only if they do not have tape around it or have a waxy coating. The best way is to recycle them.

Do not cut off the corners of your food packages

Make it a habit to cut the package along the edge so that you have no trouble emptying the contents and that you also do not need to remove small pieces of plastic.

Anyone has a tendency to get out of the corner on a food packet like sugar, salt and so on before emptying the contents or storing them. This is a huge problem, especially since we do the same with our milk packages. The problem is that these plastic snips are too small to be caught by a waste picker and cannot be recycled to stop burning in landfills or contaminating water bodies.

Dispose of the waste responsibly

Did you know that responsible dumping of electronics in the trash can result in chemicals such as chromium, cadmium, mercury, et cetera being released into the environment. The waste pickers end up inhaling much of these vapors as well, which puts their health at high risk. In addition, this electronics can be recycled for its parts, which helps to save the earth's resources in general. Dispose of your electronics including used batteries with specialized e-waste dealers.

Be careful with glass

Everything that is glass should be handled carefully and try to make sure it does not break when you dump it. The molten lamps, the tube lamps are also included in this category. Make sure your waste collector knows if something is broken. Do not throw it in a pile of plastic waste. Keep it separate and try to sharpen paper on the sharp edges so it doesn't hurt anyone.

Reduce the use of plastic at home

This is pretty obvious but since you have taken your first step towards becoming environmentally friendly you may want to go a little further in your efforts. It is not easy to rebuild the entire house. You can start by buying environmentally friendly products from now on and slowly replace all the plastic in the house. It will take a year or two depending on your budget and the amount of plastic in the house.

Use storage containers, steel or glass instead of plastic. Start from the kitchen. Stop ordering from restaurants that still use plastic. Many suppliers and restaurants have switched to cardboard boxes and paper bags. Also carry some extra bags when you go out of the house to have to buy something or need extra carrying bags.

By separating waste at home, you help thousands of people save their lives and health and not to mention the environment. It is not a difficult process to follow and it does not take up too much of your time and space. Follow it for a week diligently and you will do this in auto mode from next time.

You also don't need a lot of compartments to store your waste. Just buy a large drum and place three separate garbage bags around the circle. Use each one for different wastes and once you've found that it gets full, it's time to schedule your junk mail. There are many professional services that also emerge today that collect your waste at your doorstep. Find and register for it in your city. Happy Recycling!

How do you separate waste at home?

Have you developed the habit of separating the trash? Do you sell recycling regularly. Do you recycle them in your own home? What are you doing?

Until then, Swathy.