Why should you apply setting powder with a small makeup brush

I'm patiently waiting for the day Nam Vo comes out with its own beauty dictionary. The New York City-based makeup artist has featured popular terms like "foggy dumpling skin" (glowing, smooth skin similar to a dumpling) and "glow gasm" (glorified highlighter porn). Another term she recently shared with me: "Precision Powdering." It's her go-to technique for brushing on setting powder while still keeping your skin dew and glowgasmic.

Vo believes that people have done something incredibly incredible for hundreds of years: "You only hit powder all over your face," she says attract. When you do, your skin-colored cake becomes dull and flat, which are the main reasons people usually avoid putting powder completely. But with Precision Powder technology and tools, your skin can be brilliant and versatile while it's glossy.

"I call it precision powdering because you not have to lose it everywhere, says Vo. "You just want to hit it in the hot stops." The hot spots, which she calls them as she targets, is in the middle of the forehead, the nose and the middle of the chin. Avoid your cheekbones and nostrils. "Although they are shiny and slightly oily they still look good," explains Vo.

After applying foundation, your first inclination may be to reach your classic setting powder brush, which is large, fluffy and covers a large area in a few seconds. Vo suggests replacing it for a much smaller, dome-shaped brush. (And t Other professional makeup artists would recover her from this, as this is a regular, yet small key technique.) Her favorite is Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush, which looks like a fluffy eye shadow blend brush. My personal favorite is Moda Metallics Eye Contour Brush.

If you are not sure which powders to use, VO turns milk lubrication + adjusted matte powder for finely ground. For a routine pick, she likes Laura Mercier Translucent Pressed Setting Powder and Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Setting Powder because they are easier to control.

With Nam Vos Precision Pudding Tips, your skin is sure to look less like a pancake and more like a completely dull dumpling.

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