Why Skip-Care Skin Care is the routine you never knew you need

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Like many major events, you can remember where you were and what you did the first time you heard about the Korean beauty's 12-step skincare routine. More like a skin ritual, the intensive routine included everything from double cleaning, toner, emulsion, essence, treatments, masking and several layers of moisturizers. Such an established regime was a scandalous concept at the time – even for the most skin-hungry people out there. However, it did take place, and most would consider it quite standard. Years later, but as is the case with any trend, the shuttle has officially swung back on the other side.

The latest K-beauty is raging to meet the community? Jump-Care. Keep in mind that the cleaning cloth corresponds to your skin care. The idea is to eliminate products from your routine that are either unnecessary or may not work for you, or to use multifunctional products that help to streamline.

It's not like taking important steps, but rather taking better advantage of your time and paying even more attention to what your skin wants. In the end, your routine may have three, four or seven steps, but it will be significantly shorter than 12 while still leaving you with a filter that is not needed. Nice genius, really.

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4 Ways You Can Embrace Skip-Care:

Chances are you already already do a bit of this, but we would give you further guidance when navigating in the new water.

1. Nix rose that does not serve your skin

Match your current products and decide what benefits you and what's not. For example, do you use aggressive acne products to wipe your skin when it is better with a temporary spot treatment? Is daily chemical peel causing irritation? Is the essence you use really adds something to your treatment?

2. Use products as double down

When talking about rolling one product to another, the biggest friend is to skip care of the multifunctional hero. Fortunately, their popularity is rising right next to ship care. Sunday Riley's good genes, such as 105, serve as a worm, exfoliator and serum, and you can even mix it in the face water and let it set as a mask before rinse and Whamisa's Green Tea Serum Toner, $ 22 , is a soothing multi-tasking that hydrates and tones.

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Other options include Neogens Rea Flower Calendula Cleansing Water, $ 22, which can be used as both cleaning and toner, and MMXV Infinitude, $ 225, a small jar full of great promises. It claims that it works like a serum, eye cream, day cream, night cream, neck cream, breast cream and lighter, which virtually replaces everything in your routine but a cleaning.

3. Forget the eye cream

There is an ongoing debate about the necessity, and even the effect of eye creams. Many skin care experts claim that you can easily apply your preferred facial moisture to the eyes, eliminating the need for an additional product. The only exception to this would be if you target problems like puffiness or fine lines (a caffeine-based cream, such as 100% Pure's Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, $ 26 would be fab) or dark circles ( Vitamin C is BAE).

4. Consider Masking Less often

Whether it's cream, clay or leaves, masks do not need to be applied every night. If you reduce the amount of money you spend on skin care – both time and money – is your ultimate goal, just consider masking once or twice a week instead of daily.

Final remark: While the above advice is a good starting point, Skip-Care's complete prerequisite is to refine your skin care to suit your specific needs. Perhaps you love to stomach and would not dare to give up your nightly abundance, or maybe you do not feel forced to clean. Find products that work for you and use them in the order that leave you and feel positively brilliant.

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