Why this is the best brush ever

crush tee brushes

There are some products that are just so good completely dominates its market – like Coke in soft drinks and GHD for hair styling. This is what Tangle Teezer is for hairbrushes, and we haven't even met anyone who doesn't love them, and for $ 12 we can understand why. After all, the evidence in the sale – over 40 million sold globally over the past 10 years!

If you do not yet try or hear about a Tangle Teezer, this is DL: Every brush is created with long and short teeth to slide smoothly through the hair, detaning and leveling as it goes. The long teeth remove themselves without pulling (or wounds) and the short teeth release the hair cuticle for a glossy surface. It is our ultimate daily brush – it makes brushing fast, painless and weirdly satisfying!

Not only do these brushes make exactly what they say they do, but they are also extremely good, ranging from $ 10 to $ 16. In addition, they now have a large collection that works for all hair types or hair needs, from thick curls and extensions to heat styling and back chamber brushes. Tangle Teezers also holds a really long time; we have had ours for years and it still looks like new as new.

We tried the whole collection to help you choose which brush is best for you:

tangle teer

The first ever Tangle Teezer design, this brush fits in the palm and is safe to use on dry and wet hair for all hair types and textures. You will be able to brush through the hair in seconds, plus it comes in lots of different color combinations, and who doesn't love to choose a nice hairbrush color!

tangle teer

Designed for easy dry styling of updos, this brush has longer teeth with softer tips that easily peel off and smooth the nails for a shiny glossy surface. We don't know how, but it works! The brush also works perfectly to blend in hair extensions, clips and weaves, and smoothing over the spinal cord hair.

For On-the-Go: Compact Styler, $ 16

Just like the original but smaller, this decreasing brush fits perfectly into the palm and comes with a protective cover to keep the teeth bent in the bag. There is also a large collection of cute patterns, from metallic and glittering finishes to llama, flamingo and pineapple prints.

crushing teaser back-combing breasts

This chamber tool has a greater density at the base, which compresses the hair against the roots, giving extra volume quickly and easily. The design of the teeth also means that they can reach deep into each section without saturating the hair so that it becomes easier to brush out afterwards. If you have always wanted to back your hair but hate the dull effect that it leaves, it will change everything! It also works really well to brush through and share hair.

tangle teer

If you are struggling to get a brush through your hair, you can thank Tangle Teezer for creating its original design with longer and stronger "fast-flex" teeth that detangle curls quickly without locking in tangles or pulling the hair.

The Ultimate DetanglerThe newest brush in the series is Ultimate Detangler designed to be careful with wet, fragile hair. We love that the design has a classic handle that makes it extra easy to use when wet, while the 325 unique teeth are flexible on knots and tangles. It is also the perfect brush to comb through conditioner and vent before we blow dry.

Tangle Teezer also makes two heat styling brushes: a round and a smoothing brush. So if you are at home-drying, check this out too.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post (we never make sponsored posts) and there are no affiliate links – we are really the biggest Tangle Teezer fans! Let us know if you are as good in the comments below.