WIN! Dad-tested tips for surviving weaning

So parenting is a challenge – weaning even more. I think we can all agree that while it's one of the most beautiful things on the planet, it's also hard, especially if you're not well prepared.

Say goodbye to the phone, the keys, the wallet of the wallet when you leave the house, instead you take 30 minutes to pack a baby bag like Bear Grylls … just minus the climbing belt and penknife!

WaterWipes, diapers, bumble butter, more diapers, clothes change, muslin, premade bottle ready to warm up, water, finger food snacks, toy / some kind of distraction to keep them entertained, errrr … have I forgotten something? This is the question I ask each time I leave the house.

We have found that as parents we should never be out of arms when we brought a pair of napkins. We use WaterWipes because they are 99.9% water with 0.01% grapefruit seed extract, our children have sensitive skin and we are really aware of the chemicals and scents they come into contact with. Whether it cleans food from your mouth, forehead, stomach and all other places you are surprised that they managed to get food or have them ready to go when they decide to paint in the mud, we never go anywhere without a cloth of cloths .

We are incredibly blessed by our children and the last thing we want to do is to stop them from exploring the world, having fun with the food or just doing the usual things the kids should do. It sounds easy, but taking towels at hand, they can do it while keeping the color intact.

In this video, I break down some of my best tips to keep the ghosts calm and reasonably stress free.

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