WIN! Take care of your new child's sensitive skin

Newborn days are just the best – the newborn smell, infinite snuggles, sweet little sounds and the glossy soft skin. When your new baby arrives, they feel so small and delicate that you want to put them in cotton wool, literally.

In the last nine months, they have been in your uterus' safe comfort, so entering the world can be a shock to their small systems in many ways (and yours!). It's important to take a few steps to make sure your little skin is taken care of, from day one.

I have two girls, Pearl who is only 12 weeks and Violet who is 20 months old. When Pearl came, almost three months ago, I'd almost forgotten what I would do to take care of her skin. It's amazing how fast you forget the easiest of things when you're a tired, frazzled mom. I felt like a novice again. So after going through the newborn phase for the second time, I thought I would share some of the best tips I've raised this time …

Be careful when bathing

During the first week, your baby only needs a gentle top and tail wash, which means you only wash your child's head, neck, hands and bottom. There is no need to use soap, only a cotton pad with some plain water will be good.

After the first month, they only need to bathe every two to three days; it is not necessary to bathe your baby too often because it can actually wipe the skin. Use soft baby products that are nice for sensitive baby skin and enjoy – the first bath is a special moment, although they take a while to get used to it. After the bathing season – pat your baby dry instead of rubbing, make sure you dry all their small creases.

Avoid odors

You do not want to mask the wonderful newborn smell, it's not necessary to use any products with hard smells while your baby is so small. This also includes using your own smells – I was told by my midwife that I would not wash my chest area with scented drink or use perfume – it helps to prevent their skin from coming into contact with some annoying and even helping your newborn band as they recognize your scent as well.

Take care of your clothes

Because your baby will not be used to dress any clothes, make sure you have something soft with plenty of space to make them feel comfortable during the first few weeks – sleeping clothes are perfect. A nice blanket and lots of soft muslins are also important.

It's always better to wash your baby's clothes before wearing them, especially if they are new to the store. With both of my girls I have done it before they were born so I had everything washed and ready to go before they arrived – it was nothing worse than having a giant laundry stack with a little newborn.

Always wash your child's clothes in a soft fabric so there are no hard chemicals that irritate your sensitive skin. I have always used Persil Non-Bio for a good wash that gets rid of stains, and Comfort Pure to make sure everything is soft and smelling wonderful too. There is no need to wash the children's clothes separately to you as long as you are happy to use a mild detergent for the entire load – saving time and money by combining everything together.

Protect the little bottom!

With a baby in diapers most of the day, this area is bound to get annoyed easily. You can avoid your little drowsiness by changing the baby's diaper frequently throughout the day and night, giving them a time without diaper time during the day (just make sure you turn down a waterproof mat and are ready for accidents) and through to make sure their bottom is clean and patched dry with a cloth or muslin at every change. If they get a sore bottom, a barrier cream will do wonders to clean it up.

Protect against the elements

It is important to keep the child's skin protected against the elements when we enter the winter. Dress them in stock to keep the baby warm (but not too hot) on a cold day. Central heating can wipe the skin so moisturizing with a mild baby lotion can help put the moisture back in your little skin. We also have a humidifier that helps to put the moisture back into the room as well. In the summer, be sure to protect your little skin from the sun by using a soft baby sunscreen and always make sure they are in the shade on hot days.

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