WIN! Tried and tested: Baby Annabell Interactive and Milly Feels Better

A few months ago, I took both my children to the local doctor's surgery. We had a meeting with the nurse to receive their immunizations. My daughter was only four, my son was one. We went in and the nurse said, "Oof. You are brave and give them both together."

The comment was quite unhelpful (how do you take each child separately when you have no care?) But she was right: it was not an easy thing to do. My son walked first and screamed in my head and left my daughter pretty scared. She has since referred to the injection as THE SPIKE.

So when she got Baby Annabell Milly Feels Better Doll, with a syringe, I was curious to see how she would feel. The doll's face turns pink, because she has a temperature and the child can feed her medicine, from a spoon. Both my daughter and son loved giving her medicine and watching when the color of the cheeks bleached.

But what was most interesting was when my daughter took the syringe, gave her "baby" an injection and assured me that this "nail" would prevent her from picking up terrible diseases. She clearly began to understand why it's important to have jabs. And she gave it so much, it was lovely to watch.

I think it will serve as a useful reference for the next set of immunizations: "Remember when you gave Baby Milly her injection and it helped her feel better and not get any serious diseases? Well, that's just what we are here for today, because you do not feel sick. "

Together, we watched her heartbeat when my daughter held Milly over her shoulder and rocked her – just as she had seen me do with her younger brother when he was a baby – until she fell asleep. She put her in a little Moses basket and let her sleep.

Try out the stethoscope

When Baby Milly started to giggle, we decided to shut her off to avoid a disturbed night (although it would have given my daughter a more accurate experience of how it feels like a new parent!). But the next morning she was switched and the kids enjoyed kidding her so that she was kidding.

When Baby Annabell arrived, my daughter was quite competent when it came to the needs of the infant so she hugged her to calm her when she cried (as she does with real tears by the way!) And decided to put Baby Milly and Baby Annabell to sleep together in the Moses basket.

My daughter was very excited by adding a dummy and a bottle that she offers with zeal. When her uncle was less, she used to love giving him a bottle of milk, but it was always on our terms; With this doll, she can be responsible and give bottles whenever she wants to.

I love to hear that she talks with the dolls: "Oh, are you a little upset, Rosie? [she has renamed Baby Annabell] Let's have a hug. Now, now. "And with Milly:" It's alright, you do not have to worry, this tip will make you feel better. And then we can give you some medicine. "

Each evening, before her own bath and beds, she makes sure her two children have everything they need and put them either in their Moses basket to go to sleep or bring them to bed – it seems like they are all fans of sleep. However, she ensures that they are warm, fed, good and have met all their needs. Just like a real mom would have with her baby.

Zapf Creations gives away a Baby Annabell interactive doll and Baby Annabell Milly feels better doll (worth £ 103).

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