WIN! Why combi feeding works for me

Each new parent will hear a lot of opinions about breastfeeding breastfeeding, but you do not really need to choose one or the other exclusively. You need to find out what works best for you, your baby and your family, and combination compensation can be the answer to it.

Regarding my second baby, Parker, his weight gain was very slow in the first few weeks and my health visitor suggested that he gave him a formal "top-ups" to help him stack the pounds and develop these beautiful baby body bodies.

Since then, we have continued to give him a bottle in the evening every day, as there is a chance for my husband to feed and tie with parks and it gives me a little break from breastfeeding. This break was especially appreciated during the first months when Parker suffered from colic, which was physically and emotionally drained.

We have always used the MAM Self Sterilizing Anti-Colic bottles, which have a ventilated base to regulate airflow when they drink, meaning no air cools and much less discomfort to infants.

Combination feeding can be very useful if you struggle to exclusively breastfeed for some reason, if you plan to return to work but still want to continue breastfeeding or if you just need some rest and want to offer other family members the chance to feed your little one. If you're considering combo feeding, there are a few simple ways to encourage your baby to take a bottle:

– Get someone else to try to feed them to begin with (so they can not smell you and your milk)

– Keep them in a different position than in their usual way of breastfeeding

– Try different temperatures on the milk

– Find the right bottle / buckle for your baby

The MAM bottles are designed to help the switches from bottle to bottle as easy as possible, as they use MAM Skin Soft Soft Teat that feels soft and familiar to infants. According to the market survey, 94% of the children accept MAM spikes.

I hope this has been helpful if you are thinking about combination feed.


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