Without a doubt, BEST MARK We have discovered this year!

thanksWe're glad to tell guys about this new brand, not just because Their products work amazingly, smell good and are 100% natural, but 100% of the product's profit goes to helping people in poverty. Yes, you're right, 100% of the profits from the products you buy from the Tacky Personal Care line helps water and sanitation services to people who need it. This includes building safe toilets, water wells, water filters and hygiene training to empower people without access to these basic necessities. It's the ultimate debt-free, good buy, and not just because you help people around the world, these products (our new handshake and body scrub) are legitimate to the bomb.

How it works: Thankyou is a social company dedicated to ending global poverty. Therefore, they commit 100% of the profits from their products, including the most amazing skin care, childcare (and a revolutionary diaper) to help people in need. Each product you purchase has its own tracking code that you can enter on the site, and it zooms into the GPS coordinates of the well or filter you finance. Here's what our Botanical Geranium & Rosewood Hand Cream finances:

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We not only love that you can literally see where your money goes but also that these products are really good – it's not like we buy these products just to be beneficial, we will actually continue to buy them.

Some of our favorite products:

Hand cream: First of all, we love the scents – Geranium & Rosewood and Red Ginger & Blood Orange – but also the fact that these hand creams, $ 6.50, are made with cocoa and shea butter, organic aloe vera leaves and some of our favorite nutrition , good-for-your-essential oils.


Body crib: The botanical Geranium & Rosewood Coffee Scrub, $ 15, has made it the top of our body scrubs list. Packed with antioxidant-rich coffee grounds that wake, protect and soften the skin, a blend of essential oils and cold-pressed macadamia oil soothes and nourishes the skin and leaves a non-fat hydrating layer on the skin. We also love the consistency of this, which is less messy than other scrubs and sticks to the body more!

Soap bars: Okay, we know nobody uses soap bars anymore, we included, but when we came across these exfoliating soap bars, $ 5.50, we had to try them – we're OBSESSED! We have never seen soap bars like this before: Fig Soapable With Exfoliating Poppy Seeds, Green Tea Soap With Exfoliating Tea Leaf, Clay Soap Bar With Exfoliating Pumice, Coconut Soap With Exfoliating Coconut Shells. These soap bars make them exfoliating so light and stainless, and they are also filled with moisturizing natural oils, while their different ingredients help to target different skin problems. They are also completely free of SLS, parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils and anything else you do not want in your beauty products!


Check out more about the Thankyou brand, their amazing story and how to help them end global poverty with chapter one here. What do you think about this brand? Let us know in the comments below.