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Owlet's Head of Marketing shares tips on how to succeed at home

"Caring for children while working at home is very difficult," Kady Srinivasan says during a conference call while watching her 7-year-old son demonstrate yoga exercises for his PE class online. “I am a full-time mom, a full-time professional, a full-time teacher, a full-time chef and a full-time cleaner. At the end of the day, I'm exhausted! “I think we can all attest to the same feeling, which is why she shares her tips for working at home with children.

  • Establish a strict routine

When the kids are at school they have a timetable, so create a home. We start the day by doing homework. Then we plan in time for play and other activities. When we all know what the schedule is, we are much more successful because expectations are already set. There are some great daily schedules that you can Google to help create a routine regardless of children's age.

We all need a break from work, so why not take one with your kids? My husband and I make sure to make family at lunchtime. We make it a goal to get outside at least once a day. We take a walk or go to the park and have lunch. We also do small 15-minute games during the day to break up the monotony.

If you are managing a team, it is important that you have empathy for your team members who may be in the same situation. We all have unique challenges right now so giving them additional support as they try to balance everything can really go a long way. Be sure to set boundaries and never require them to respond outside the agreed working hours.

If you like me, you have already beaten yourself several times in recent weeks because you have not completed all the projects you want to do. But I would advise you to stop, take a breath and realize that you can't do everything right now. When you feel out of control, remember this mantra and do the best you can that day.

Just because you're at home doesn't mean you have to work all day. At one point, I had a 90 minute commute in the Bay Area, and reducing commuting meant I could spend time meditating, watching TV or talking to my family. We all feel pressured to sit in one place and pull things through, so be kind to yourself and remember that we realistically do not have extra time. We just need to know how to use the time we need to work smarter and become better at prioritizing family, our health and work.