Xmas litter filler for under a teeth

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Did you grow up with Christmas socks every year? Although not everyone is in the tradition of a Christmas gift box, many families still love to continue the nostalgic exercise of the Christmas culture.

When your child also receives a selection of larger presents during Christmas tree, it can be difficult to budget for even more presents, small enough to fit into a stocking. We have compiled a list of small stockings you can buy for under one teeth (some even under a fiver!). Perfect for socks and also ideal to dive into your child's backpack or boot bag for those times when you are out and need distracting them.

These things will not break the bank, but also have the potential to be as loved as something that cost two or three times the price!

Magic Kids Baby Girls Hall Socks

Socks! These essentials may seem like a boring main event, but during the cold winter months there is no denial that they are necessary. In a small size they are the perfect stockings. Add a sweet pattern, or a colorful character and a daily gift turns into a new one.

10 Animal Fingerprint Set

This little collection of finger puppets is a fantastic distraction doll. Small enough to show up in your pocket while on the move and good for all ages. You can create characters with them, act role playing, just use your hands or send them to your child to use their own imagination as soon as he's old enough to use their fingers. Perfect for learning animal names and sounds for younger children too!

Play-Doh Toy Party Bag

Play-Doh is a child must have for a messy creative play. If you try it out for the first time, or if you prefer a fun package with a choice of colors, this could be a good addition to Christmas. If you feel extra creative, you can even do something like this to include!

Mini Party Bubbles

For some children and children, bubbles are magic! They are cheap to buy, especially considering the entertainment value they provide, and they are something all ages can get involved in. Whether it's catching and jumping the bubbles, or taking control and blowing them, they're fun for the whole family. In addition, you can use them outdoors and indoors, so you have a dry floor and you are careful not to let your child run on the slippery surface.

Pack of 5 baby bath crayons

These bath crayons are the perfect size for small hands to understand and practice their writing. The product is suggested for age three and above which is perfect timing for your little one to begin to discover its artistic flare. The crayons are easy to wash off with a damp cloth or sponge so your child can scribble and pull to the contents of her heart. They are amazing from encouraging creativity, color recognition and imaginative games.

The child's first color book

If you include crayons in your child's socks this year, a small color book is an ideal accompaniment. This book contains a selection of images so that your child can enjoy the drawings while coloring, or if they are a bit older, they can try to color in the lines and develop their pencil control.

My first Crayola Jumbo crayons

That takes us to the crayons to go with the color book! These lightweight grippers are suitable for 12 months. If they are not light and desperate to chomp down on these bad boys, the nice design is perfect if you want to start with arts and crafts early.

Peppa Pig Stickers

With books, TV shows and extensive items, it's hard to find a child who is not a fan of Peppa Pig. For a creative mood with their favorite characters, these Peppa Pig stickers make a perfect stocking stuff and a fantastic distraction to whip out on a rainy day.

Christmas eggs Pets

After looking at these adorable Christmas eggs, do you ask yourself, is this for the kids or are they for me? Hand knitted from Notonthehighstreet.com, and shown in a small egg carton, it is tempting to buy these as a Christmas decoration for your house instead! The cats contain a selection of pet animals like a penguin, fox, robin and pure that your little one can hold as Christmas presents for many years to come.

Baker Ross Christmas Pugs Paddle Bat and Ball

During a fiver you can not go far wrong with these paddle bats and balls designed with a selection of Christmas pigs. The festive toys are perfect for keeping your three-year entertainment and can even act as a calming distraction when Christmas presents and guests become a bit overwhelming.

Baker Ross Christmas Kaleidoscopes

Explore shapes and colors or you can even explore the concepts of light and optics using these Christmas kaleidoscopes. Visually fascinating for younger children, but also a perfect way to find an interest in physics and science with a little older child. What's better than a piece of Christmas trivia to teach the kids, and maybe challenge the adults?

It's not my clean book and toy

"It's not mine …" The Usbourne Boxing Series has become more and more popular in recent years. With a wide selection of Christmas books, like "It's not my Elf", "It's not my Santa" and "It's not my snowman", they start adding the series and offering news toys to accompany the books. This "It's not my clean" book and toy helps with language skills and gives your baby a sensory experience at the same time. When they grow up with these books, you can even find that they start reciting the words back to you.

Mini Zoo Animal Puzzles

If you are looking for smaller items that are very reasonably priced, these mini zoo animal puzzles can be a perfect item to add your baby's socks. Puzzle is great for memory and learning to solve problems.

Are you going to hang a Christmas gift for your child this year? Share your stockfill ideas with us in the comments below!

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