Your cultivation is hidden in your words.

you In your words, hide your cultivation

Speaking is not only language or character

Alan, who hasn’t seen it for three years, feels like a person again, his face is sly, and there are hidden crow’s feet on his face. The most important thing is that she loves beauty when she goes out. .

I am very surprised, how many years have disappeared into a yellow-faced woman, where Alan, who used to love the United States, went.

Alan, said: My boyfriend said that I would dress like that, beauty is beautiful but Fan Bingbing.

When Alan and Xiaohua were together, we were all not optimistic. In addition to the handsome man, Xiaohua seemed to have no other advantages, and no one listened to it.

Alan will not cook, learn to cook, Xiaohua sarcasm, she will not do it for twenty years, how can she learn, Alan will no longer cook. Alan wants to learn to swim Xiaohua to fight her. She learned how to swim, and when the coach is not wasting money, Alan does not learn. Alan wants to learn to arrange flowers. Xiaohua said that she is not the life of a young artist. Alan has dispelled the idea of ​​learning flowers.

A few years in which Alan and Xiaohua were together, the most heard was Xiaohua’s negative denial of Alan.

Can you imagine that one person always speaks to another person in a negative tone?

Alan is becoming more and more negative in Xiaohua’s “love nourishment” and has no passion for doing things. There is no yearning for life. It is almost the same as her previous one.

With praise instead of criticism, things tend to get better, not only to be good, but also to make others happy.

Seeing her look, I secretly vowed to find someone to talk to.

 Your cultivation is hidden in your words


Compared with Alan Chen Xue’s boyfriend Yu Jian is the boyfriend of the legendary family.

Chen Xue and Yu Jian are high school classmates. At that time, parents were not allowed to fall in love, and the school was strict. They were just good friends who had nothing to say. When they got to the university, they became men and women friends.

Chen Xue and Yu Jian are both in a university, and they haven’t seen them quarreling until they graduated.

Everyone is envious.

They didn’t quarrel with each other, they only had a quarrel when they started together.

Afterwards, they all felt that quarreling could not solve the problem, but they hurt each other. They agreed to stop talking when the storm is about to erupt, and look at each other for ten seconds and then say something good to each other.

So they are more and more loving, and they have become model couples in the eyes of others.

They know that it’s easier to accept people than to say that they are ugly, and they become more active and become the driving force of each other.

A good word solved the contradiction between them and increased the emotional concentration. Why not?

A circle of friends can always eat a wave of happy dog ​​food, which is how to marry love.

The person who really cares about you, listen to him and know that he doesn’t necessarily know you much, but he must talk softly and whisper when he talks to you.

Whether you are salty or salty, he will say that it tastes good, and the salty taste is the chef’s level. Whether you will clean up the house, he will say that we are coming together, time is the textbook.

Having encountered such a boy shows that you are looking for the right person.

 Your cultivation is hidden in your words


A few days ago The news of the hustle and bustle is because the bad speech has caused the tragedy to happen.

In Jiangning, Nanning, Tong Wei, who had been sleeping for almost one night on June 22, turned on his mobile phone, and dozens of insulting text messages came one after another. The mobile phone became his nightmare.

On June 18th, at the Dragon Boat Festival, Tong Wei spent a holiday at his own hotel. Opposite is a duck neck shop, raising a dog, usually put the dog at the door, they originally had a relationship Not bad.

In the gap between the aunt’s answering the phone, the child’s cry came. The child was bitten by the dog and saw the injured child. Tong Wei took the bite by squeaking. The man’s Teddy fell to the spot.

If Tong Wei can talk well at the time, calmly and patiently communicate with Ms. Chen will not have more serious consequences.

Mr. Chen did not ask Teddy afterwards. Tong Wei did not ask for compensation for medical expenses. I thought that this matter was over. I did not expect anyone to search for Tong Wei’s phone number through Meituan take-out. And spread around. In the next two days, Tong Wei’s phone was almost blasted, and all kinds of insults, curses, and embarrassing information flooded.

Tong Wei thought that it would be fine to apologize. He also expressed his apologies to the audience and dog lovers on the “Zero Distance” program.

But cyber violence has not let go of Tong Wei. His wife can’t stand cyber violence and commit suicide at home. If it is not discovered in time, Tong Wei’s family will almost be destroyed.

We always think that the power of speaking is too weak, and that language can’t be solved by action. The fact is not like this. Sometimes language is faster than action.

Tong Wei’s impulse to smother the house, if he can communicate with a calm attitude and fluent language, there will be no similar language violence.

We will always encounter some tricky things in life. We may wish to calm down and think about whether the language can be solved. If you don’t move, your arm will go into battle. In fact, this is the most unworthy one. Ways.

We need to talk well and need to communicate patiently.

 Your cultivation is hidden in your words


Before I am The company met a young lady, we all called her Juan sister, the good looks and kindness of the people, always warmly helping everyone in the company.

The company Xiaowang received a tricky project. If the plan is changed and changed, it will not meet the requirements of Party A. Party A even wants to give up cooperation with our company. We must know that this party is us. The old patrons, if he left, the company’s year-end award at the end of the year was less pitiful. The company sent Juan sister to try it. Unexpectedly, it just changed the plan to two drafts. In the end, it was a magical signing. Party A praised our company and communicated with Juan sister after the name.

Jian Jie became a god in our hearts.

After that, Juanjie went all the way, from a small salesman to a sales manager, and now is the regional manager of the entire southwest region.

There are a lot of people who don’t understand, and they think that the company is always her own.

After I became familiar with Juan, she asked her. She said that she didn’t have anything special. The only thing she liked was to talk to them, listen carefully to what they said, and write down. In the following contacts, he showed the details he mentioned before to the customer, and explained in detail what they meant, patiently listened to Party A’s requirements, and expressed his understanding of the program in a friendly way. Even if the other party denies her own store, she will not immediately negate, but stand on the other side’s position to analyze and solve the problems.

This is the case, the details that others don’t care about, Juan Sister did it, and did a good job, because she noticed In detail, life is like hanging.

I have to admire Juan, who can change from white to great god in two years.

Just because you can talk, you may believe that speaking will have such a great magic.

The ability to use words to express one’s own ideas is a profound art. It is possible to use language to get what you want and not to speak.


Speaking is an art

The ancients said: Good words are three warm winters, and bad words hurt people in June. Talking is not only an art but also a wisdom. Vulgar people always talk with guns and sticks, so that you can listen to the uncomfortable, and the intelligent person speaks like a spring breeze, so that you have the idea to continue to communicate with her. Juan is such a person.

At the 50th Golden Horse Awards, Zhang Jiahui was always guilty of the fact that he was equally divided with Huang Yi, and Huang Wei was so resolved.

Huang Wei said that he can only take half a prize, because that year and Zhang Jiahui are equally divided. At this time, Zhang Jiahui’s expression is angry and annoyed.

There was a turn of Huang Wei’s words. “Zhang Jiahui had nominations last year. There are nominations this year. He wants to try to get the part he lost.”

This is a textbook. Zhang Jiahui turned from anger to joy, not only brought Zhang Jiahui to heaven, but also proved his strength.

A word can bring other people’s emotions from the ground to the sky, which is a stunt. A good discourse is that a good medicine can cure others. A good discourse is how bad the previous emotions are. You can completely ordaily say TA’s convictions.

The person who talks is actually someone who will be a person.

I like to be with people who talk, because there are very few contradictions, and many are laughter.

When you go to the grandmother’s hospital for a weekend, you will come to the department on the first floor. No one in the department will go in with the grandmother, sitting in the room and waiting for the grandmother to come out. I didn’t sit for a long time, I heard the doctor’s extremely unfriendly phrase “No long eyes?” I don’t know who she is talking to, and see the doctor’s fierce, dark face, like constipation, we don’t dare Ask more.

There was a nurse inside. The nurse saw that I was surprised. First, I was a glimpse. I said, “Hey, what does it mean to be a man who is posted on the door? Is it a man who enters for free or a man?” It is forbidden to enter.” When they were communicating, they looked at me and I immediately understood what the doctor had just said, and quickly walked out of the clinic.

I expressed my gratitude when I came across them, but I left without waiting for me to open them.

They kindly reminded me in good faith and made me not in awkward situations.

Whenever we all have a confused mind, sometimes we need a language like a spa to be kindly reminded.

The voice of the person who speaks is light, and the people who are obedient are all honey, happy and happy.

Good people start by speaking.