Your skin is called – You need to start using this ingredient

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There are many buzzy skin care terms and ingredients fluent Around there, and everyone can start to get a little confusing. The key is to take things one step, or one ingredient, at a time. Our focus for the day is ceramides, which is probably one of the most sought after ingredients in the skin care market right now. With a little help from an appreciated aesthetist, we all learn about which ceramides are, how they favor your skin and our phage formulas.

DL on Ceramides

"Ceramides are molecules present in the skin along with fatty acids, cholesterol and a lot of lipids. They must be in the right proportions to keep your skin waterproof," says Melissa Lekus, an aesthetist in Los Angeles. "Without it, the skin tends to dryness and sensitivity. "

Let's draw an analogy. Think of your skin cells as chocolate cake in a multifaceted masterpiece (yummm!). Ceramides (along with fatty acids, cholesterol and lipids) are like the frost, where to keep everything together and create a protective barrier around the chocolatey goodness. Another way to frame it (it doesn't make you as hungry) is to think of your skin cells as bricks in a brick wall and ceramides like mortar. Subpar frosting application or damaged mortar means that the entire structure is compromised.

"If your skin is naturally dry or has become dehydrated as a result of lifestyle or environmental conditions, it can often cause your skin's head barrier to deteriorate," Lekus explains. "The skin protection must have the perfect combination of ceramides along with fatty acids and cholesterol to not lose moisture."

The importance of ceramides in the skin

Some signs that your skin's barrier has been compromised include a dense or dry feeling, flaking, increased sensitivity and even boredom. This becomes a cyclical issue, because the more damaged your skin's barrier is, the more susceptible it is to further damage. By reinforcing your barrier with topical ceramides, the skin can look and feel more hydrated, jumping and lively.

Need all ceramides?

Many skin types can benefit from using ceramides, but they are particularly ideal for anyone approaching their 30s and older. In our early youth, ceramides make up about half of our skin's composition, but when we get older, the ceramides begin to ghost us.

It is estimated that 40% of our skin's ceramides are gone when we hit our early thirties, and at 40 years it is a huge 60% reduction. Ouch! Integrating current ceramides into your treatment can help counteract this problem.

All told, some skin types may decide that they are better without ceramic substances. Lekus says, "Oily or sensitive skin may find additional hydration exacerbates the condition. But if an oily or widespread prone skin has overexploited or used topical substances that have compromised its barrier, it may be necessary to introduce ceramides to help heal" mortar. "that protects the skin barrier."

On that note, someone with damaged or sensitized skin will benefit from ceramides as they help to heal and repair the top protective layers of the skin.

The best ceramics-rich products:

You can apply ceramide-infused products at any time of the day and as often as you like. Masks, creams, serum and oils are usually best, and research shows that ceramide products are best when formulated with both cholesterol and fatty acids. (Remember, these are the three things that make up "frosting" or "mortar".) You can start with these goodies:


Skin Script Ageless Skin Hydrating Serum, $ 30: "This serum addresses dryness as it replaces the much needed missing lipids and ceramides. It also binds hyaluronic acid to the skin," says Lekus.


Too Cool for Coconut Ceramic Mask, $ 6: Coconut water, ceramides, niacinamide and ginger root are extracted in this hydrating K-Beauty mask mask.


Tail & Hush Vital Lipid Lotion Barrier Repair & Defend, $ 39.50: "It contains ingredients that mimic the essential components present in the lipid matrix, strengthening the skin's barrier by providing hydration and supporting ceramide vitality.


Jart + Ceramidine Cream, $ 48: Recently, Dr. Jart + renewed and launched its ceramide line, which includes this thick, ultra-hydrating cream. The product is formulated with their "5-Cera complex" to improve the skin barrier and function.

If you have any questions about ceramides or want to share your favorite ceramide product, see the comments below.