Your ultimate skin care routine before and after the glowing skin gym

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As you know, rule number one is to exercise take off your makeup! Doing this alone is a great way to start making your skin look better, not worse, at the end of a workout. But when it comes to exercising, we don't often think about our skincare routine, but treating your skin properly before and after exercise will make a big difference to your skin. When you exercise, your body temperature increases and more often you sweat – a lot – and that expands the pores, making it even easier for makeup and bacteria to come in and block your pores.

So we are here to share the ultimate skincare routine before and after your workout to make sure your skin gives its a-game every time. We have even discovered some skincare products for workouts that give us incredible results while exercising – now multitasking is the best!

Routine for skin care before exercise

Step 1: Wash your face

Not with makeup wipes !!

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A.M. .: If you have just woken up or if you do not have makeup, do a quick wipe with micelle water on a cotton pad or sprinkle your face with some water. It is important that your skin is clean, so if you feel your skin needs it, do a gentle cleanse with a milk or gel cleanser.

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p.m .: Double cleaning to remove all your makeup! We love using Face Halo, because all you have to do is wet it, and the tiny little fibers will lift up makeup and dirt, so it's super easy to use while on the move. To finish, we love using the Foreo Luna 3 Cleanser with a gel cleanser to remove every last trace of makeup – T-sonic pulsations and soft silicone brushes help to clean extra deep in the pores, which is exactly what you need before you exercise !

Step 2: Activities that work

Just because you exercise does not mean that your skin should not get some love. We love to use light, moisturizing and protective formulas while exercising, like a vitamin C serum, or an antioxidant-rich gel moisturizer to protect our skin from free radicals that attack during exercise. Avoid anything too rich and heavy that can feel uncomfortable when you sweat.

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Without a doubt, one of our most exciting new discoveries is Face Gym's Training Sticks, $ 49, aka heat-activated skincare that will work while you do! Since we discovered these, we literally have not trained without them, and we love how they warm up on your skin as you exercise, and slowly release active active substances that penetrate deeper as your skin metabolism accelerates. The controlled delivery system also helps you improve your skin for up to six hours after exercise (even after cleansing).

The training sticks are so quick and easy to use – simply sweep the forehead, cheeks, chin and temples – and we love the different options: Spirulina for lifting and heating, Active charcoal for detoxing and Brazilian pink clay for lighter. You can also buy all three in the mini version, plus a moisturizing multivitamin stick for $ 75 – so you can multimask to address various issues. The carbon formula leaves our skin feeling super soft and light after exercise, and we love that these fight against harmful free radicals, which are common during exercise.

3. Protect

If you exercise in the sun or go on a hike, SPF is important. We recommend a sunscreen that means that when you sweat, your eyes should not burn (chemical SPFs often sting your eyes). Check out our fave mineral sunscreen here.

Lastly, don't forget a little lip balm to keep your lips moist and to prevent cracks. And always tie your hair to avoid mixing hair and hair products with your skin.

Routine for skin care after exercise

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Step 1: Clean

We know you often have places to be after you workout, but it's important to wash your face after training as soon as possible. If you have washed your skin before exercising (we really hope you did), use a mild water-based cleanser to get rid of sweat and bacteria. We love Holi Frog Superior Omega Nutritive Gel Wash, $ 36, which is pH balanced and deeply cleanses the skin and nourishes it with omega fatty acids, probiotics and antioxidants to fill the skin. It also has natural antibacterial properties that help prevent breakouts and clogged pores without stripping the skin.

Finish the cleansing by splashing the face with cold water, which helps tighten the pores and shrink the blood vessels, which helps to reduce redness faster.

Step 2: Hydrate

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First things first, drink plenty of water to hydrate your body and skin – the best hydration comes from inside! Then apply very hydrating ingredients to the skin. Start with a toner that is soothing and soothing, so look for ingredients like chamomile and aloe or opt for hydration of milk formulas. We love the $ 18 Pixi Rose Tonic, which helps reduce redness and soothe the skin while balancing your skin's pH levels. Follow with a light serum or hyaluronic acid, like Sarah Chapman's Intense Hydrating Booster Moisture Serum, $ 98, formulated with Bioecolia and Beta Glucan to activate the skin's natural defense against bacteria and irritants, plus hyaluronic acid and soothing rose water. We love how fluid this serum is and how easily it blends into the skin to instantly hydrate and repair the skin after the stress of exercising.

Step 3: Lock it

Now your skin is well hydrated, lock everything in a moisturizer. We prefer to avoid thicker formulas after exercise (save it at night), instead, stick to gel-like or light moisturizers like Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer, $ 52, which helps reduce redness (good for after a workout), pulling tighten your pores and balance your skin.

Enjoy this light bulb and feel proud of yourself for exercising and showing your skin some love at the same time.

Finally, if you absolutely need to wear makeup when exercising, check out these 7 gym-approved makeup products that won't make you a breakout.