Zara Larsson answers "Ruin My Life" Backlash and Teases Part 2 of the New Single

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If one thing is certain, Zara Larsson's new single "Ruin My Life" will be released. The dreamy popupup anthem, which fits perfectly on a playlist with Ariana Grandes "thank you, next" – is a handsome ear mask that gets stuck in your head after listening. Rolling stones celebrated the 20-year-old Swedish musician's track as "a straight forward, exciting stadium pop." So one thing, Larsson, did not expect it to be the subject matter.

After her breakout win on the Swedish equivalent of America has talent In just 10 years, the singer-songwriter has released two studio albums and has made a name for himself outside the kingdom of music.

A proud feminist, Larsson has cried out ruthlessly against sexual harassment, "not everyone's" mentality, and is an enthusiastic advocate for safe sex education and access to medical care. So after a fan called the song to probably spread an anti-feminist message – "Ruin My Life" is about the enticing drag of a poison-Larsson felt the need to deal with it in a tweet that goes:


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When I sat down with Larsson after her Today show performance to discuss the upcoming 2019 album she had even more to say: "I'm such a prominent feminist, quite radical with my opinions," she says. "But we've all been there – at least my friends have and everyone I know – where you know you're not going to go back to that person, no matter, I'll still write this person at 3 o'clock after three drinks."

In truth, Larsson grasped whether the song would "promote" a destructive lifestyle until she realized that she needed to speak her own truth. "I know I have to be responsible for what I say in my songs," said Larsson, spreading me comfortably on a couch on Cosmo office.

"Pop or any kind of pop culture really shifts the culture around different issues," she says. "How we see things and what is acceptable can change."

Larsson explains that she started watching her ex on 14 on and off until she was 19. But she's not with him anymore, why the first single from her upcoming 2019 album is such a strong song for her. "I came to the conclusion that I sing" Ruin My Life "because I could really relate to that time of my life when I was a bit obsessed with this guy who was so bad for me."

"This night I saw him was after my birthday party. Of course I was not sober but I live in Sweden so that's legal," she continues with a laugh. After meeting ex with the night she had an epiphany. "You feel like walking home the day after …? You are in really high heels and a really nice dress and I felt like crap. I just thought, Why did I do that? It was just something at that moment where I was like I can not do this anymore. "

After all, it was important for Larsson that she did not throw in or shy away from her truth. "I understand that I just want to make powerful, uplifting songs against women, but I'm a human and I can break my heart." She pauses and takes a second. "I should be able to express my feelings by being me, and hopefully, other girls can relate, without making me a bad feminist."

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Now, Larsson's model sees Brian H. Whittaker, who she met on Twitter. She saw a warm picture of him who circulated and gave it a CT without knowing who he was. He went out, but their first date was inadequate. "I just did not feel that connection because he was super hot. But you want something more than that."

It changed a year later when they both were in Paris and immediately struck it. The couple has died for about one and a half years, and are quite a few goals:

But do not expect to hear a song about her current relationship anytime soon. Although Whittaker has wisely complained that she has not written any songs about him, Larsson says it is probably best that she does not. "It's really tricky to be sincere and love, but not corny. I'm better at heart," acknowledges Larsson.

What takes us to the next lone Larsson plans to release from her unmanned 2019 album. "It's called" Do not Worry For Me "and is kind of like" Ruin My Life, Part Two, "says Larsson. "It's the moment you wake up feeling like," I'm so crazy about you right now. Have a great life. "

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